LCRR Compliance Pipeline: Your Yearly Guide to Success

Everything you need to execute successful water programs in your:

An end-to-end solution for drinking water programs, COVID-19 wastewater sampling, and compliance.

Never Worry About a Missed Compliance Step

See how 120Water alleviates common headaches and makes program management and compliance clear & simple.


Manual Processes

Manual workflows cause compliance reporting concerns.


Modern Solutions are Here

Easily centralize program data and workflows.


Error-Prone Workflows

Error-prone workflows cause compliance concerns.


Modern Solutions are Here

Easily manage and apply automated workflows.


Siloed Data

Siloed data hinders action.


Modern Solutions are Here

Easily report critical info to key stakeholders.


Are you prepared to remain compliant?

New mandates will increase the complexity of safe drinking water programs such as the Lead & Copper Rule by 10x. Now is the time to prepare.

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority was able to reduce their customer request fulfillment from 4 months to 14 days. Facing skyrocketing customer requests, sent and tested more than 4,000 kits in an average of two weeks, implementing 24 hour customer notifications. They saved 80% of their cost on sample kits, and ultimately saved their team 14,000 hours of work by automating the process.

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority

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Find out how 120Water is transforming the water industry while protecting public health now and in the future. Read the conversation with Forbes and our Co-founder & CEO, Megan Glover.

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