Gain peace of mind with an at-home water testing kit.

Quickly and easily test your water for a number of harmful contaminants–including Lead, Arsenic, & more.

Do you know your water?

Since the Flint crisis, the American public has put a magnifying glass on the issue of water quality.

120Water exists because our founder, Megan Glover, wanted to be sure that her family was drinking safe water. When she couldn’t find any affordable options, she created her own. 

An affordable, at-home water testing option

While today, many of our customers are government agencies, water systems, and facilities, we are proud to continue to offer affordable at-home testing options for anyone who may be interested.

You can explore the Consumer Testing options here.

Watch Our Kit Video

See how easy it is to receive your consumer water testing kit, use it, and receive the results in our step-by-step tutorial.