Avoid the logistical maze of your sampling programs.

Eliminate the need to keep costly, error-prone kit inventory on hand while avoiding the maze of steps required to fulfill them.

Automate kit delivery & testing

120Water offers water quality sample kits that automate the entire collection process. Our EPA approved kits include fulfillment, tracking, testing, analysis, and reporting. 

Collect kits faster, and at a lower cost

Each sample bottle comes pre-packed with simple, effective instructions that ensure the sample is expected before it arrives and then is received, collected appropriately, returned, and successfully analyzed. 

View results in real-time

The kits include all site-specific Chain of Custody forms, pre-paid return shipping labels, and automated tracking available via the 120Water digital platform. 

Work with trusted labs

120Water has established relationships with certified water testing labs across the United States to ensure consistent Service Level Agreement standards, pre-negotiated sample rates, and data integrity. Alternatively, 120Water customers with a pre-existing preferred lab relationship are able to leverage all other management aspects of the sample kits.

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