Map and manage your LSL program from start to finish.

Manage successful Lead Service Line Inventory & Replacement programs with a solution that streamlines inventory data, work orders, and progress reporting.

The Problem

Proposed changes to the Lead and Copper Rule require water systems to conduct and maintain location-based LSL inventories as well as develop LSL plan replacement goals. Identifying LSLs is a multi-billion dollar issue – many systems don’t have accurate records of where LSLs (both public and private) are located, and insufficient tools to conduct thorough inventories.

The Solution

Bring confidence to your program and avoid expensive digs based on unreliable data. Strategically use what you know about LSLs today to prioritize and track inventory work, centralize all key data, and visualize LSLs. Seamlessly tie in your service line inventory with 120Water’s program management functions to execute replacement programs in one central system.

Take a confident first step.

With 120Water’s LSL Probability Finder™, water utilities and related agencies can quantify the effort and resources they will need to tackle drinking water infrastructure challenges.

Centralize your service line inventory data.

A lot goes into a service line inventory – GIS, historical paper data, customer information, and demographic information. Our software centralizes all that key data, keeping critical components together so that you can manage successful replacement programs.

Manage your replacement program.

Tie your service line inventory data in with our work order and program management workflows. Get all of the functionality you need to execute your programs in one central place while eliminating manual excel spreadsheets.

Execute point of use kits.

Replacement programs will soon require pre-replacement sampling, post-sampling, and even pitcher filtering components. 120Water enables you to manage and monitor the entire process with the click of a button.  

Visualize lead service lines.

You’ll need a quick and easy way to get a full picture of your LSL Program. Choose between our easy-to-use GIS or integrating with your existing system to provide a visual view of customers and service line connections so that you can see your progress at a glance. 

Manage the entire LSLR lifecycle

Now is the time to plan your critical lead service line programs, ahead of sweeping LCR requirements.


Better predict where public and private lead service lines might be.


Comply with regulations requiring lead service line inventories.


Prioritize and manage lead service line replacement work.

Cut Costs

Reduce cost and eliminate unnecessary digs.

120Water is facilitating Denver Water’s pre- and post-LSL replacement water sampling program, as well as its water pitcher and filter supply and distribution program. 120Water’s solution is being used to distribute 150,000 pitcher/filters and 1.2 million replacement filters over a 3 year period. in addition to testing kits.

Denver, CO

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