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[REPLAY]: Winning Strategies for Managing Through LCR: Complete your LSL Inventory Using Predictive Modeling

While the Lead and Copper Rule revisions are a major step toward removing lead from our communities, complying with the revised LCR will create significant operational challenges. In addressing this change, the industry message is clear: start planning now.

In this webinar series, we’ll explore five major components of LCR to create efficiencies for your current compliance programs and prepare you for the coming revisions. Every other week, you’ll hear from industry experts sharing best practices and operational recommendations to help you achieve compliance for today and tomorrow.

You can join for any or all of the topics by selecting the corresponding dates below.

  • Complete your Lead Service Line Inventory Using Predictive Modeling – Sept 21
  • Techniques for Validating Private Side LSL Material – Oct 5
  • Preparing for Large Scale Lead in Facility Sampling – Oct 19
  • Effective Strategies for Sampling and Pitcher/Filter Distribution – Nov 2
  • Creating Compelling Communications Strategies – Nov 16