120Water's LCRR Small Systems Bundle

How it works

There are two primary actions when it comes to developing a preliminary inventory that take a significant amount of resources when done without a partner:

      1) Gathering service line data – it’s all over the place OR it doesn’t exist.

      2) Validating the data – Once you have it, how do you validate it without digging thousands of holes?

Water quality and compliance professionals don’t have extra time. 120Water takes these steps off your plate completely.

Expediting this process not only allows you to spend your team’s time and resources on other pressing projects, but also helps you achieve key funding milestones more quickly, getting you access to funds faster.


Why the Small Systems Bundle exists:

Small water systems have an incredible amount of work to do, so adding the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions to your plate can feel overwhelming. You are busy wearing multiple hats and serving your communities, so 120Water serves as an extension of the Water Quality team at your system, taking many operational and logistical tasks off your plate to allow for better allocation of resources.


What 120Water provides:

The Small Systems Bundle is a combination of software tools and expert services built specifically for Water Quality professionals at systems serving ~1,000 connections or less.

You will be able to achieve:

     1) Inventory development and management

     2) Customer, Location, Event, and Program level data management

     3) LCRR program guidance and support

     4) Confidence in being compliant