Verify the safety of your drinking water.

Trusted Tap is a low-risk, cost-effective way to test your drinking water. Kits will be automatically sent to you for testing with a pre-addressed label for easy return to a verified lab for testing.

The Problem

Americans are more worried than ever about the quality of the water they’re consuming. Lead can enter drinking water through old pipes, even if the source water is lead free. Facility managers are responsible for water quality within their buildings – but customers don’t have a way to be sure that what they’re consuming is safe. 

The Solution

Trusted Tap provides facilities an easy and consumer-friendly way to ensure that their tap water is safe to drink. Visitors and staff can have peace of mind when consuming a facility’s tap water, with verified Trusted Tap stickers providing an option for visitors to learn exactly when the tap was last tested so that they can be sure the water is safe. 

Ensure peace of mind for visitors and staff

Especially for facilities that serve vulnerable populations, drinking water safety can be top of mind for any visitor or staff. With results automatically loaded into our software for your own viewing, you’ll also receive Trusted Tap stickers with custom QR or text codes for all tested taps to show results.

Remediate according to best practices

If a tap contains a contaminant, it’s essential to remediate it to protect the health of your customers. Our dedicated support team will guide you through best practices to make sure it’s safe to use again as soon as possible.

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