New Rules Need
New Tools

Get the lead out of your community with 120Water’s efficient, effective and comprehensive compliance tools.

“Del-Co had a mountainous amount of unstructured data content identifying service line material. 120Water took that content and extracted the required data into a structured format we could use to comply with the EPA mandate. They transformed what would have been a lengthy manual process by Del-Co staff into a swift and painless one. They quite literally took our mountain and made it into a molehill.”


-Kris Dye
Chief Business Officer

Delaware County, OH

120Water Supports Del-Co Private Side Verification Efforts

The 120Water Difference

No other solution helps utilities tackle LCRR as comprehensively as 120Water. It’s that simple. From developing your inventory and managing customer communications, handling sampling logistics from start to finish, and managing programs with experienced strategy, 120Water is equipped to help utilities address LCRR head-on and succeed.


Just think of us as your partners in compliance success. You are the heroes prioritizing clean drinking water in your community and we’ll be behind the scenes, providing the tools and support you need to get it done.

Never Worry About a Missed Compliance Step

See how 120Water alleviates common headaches and makes program management and compliance clear & simple.


Manual Processes

Manual workflows cause compliance reporting concerns.


Modern Solutions are Here

Easily centralize program data and workflows.


Error-Prone Workflows

Error-prone workflows cause compliance concerns.


Modern Solutions are Here

Easily manage and apply automated workflows.


Siloed Data

Siloed data hinders action.


Modern Solutions are Here

Easily report critical info to key stakeholders.


Are you prepared for the revised LCR?

Review our compliance pipeline to understand year-by-year action items and next steps.

Forbes: Testing the Waters

Find out how 120Water is transforming the water industry while protecting public health now and in the future. Read the conversation with Forbes and our Co-founder & CEO, Megan Glover.

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