Streamline consumer request testing programs.

Heightened awareness about water quality is driving unprecedented consumer anxiety. Create peace of mind and automate your consumer request programs.

The Problem

Consumer request programs are logistically challenging, with lengthy turnarounds from an initial request to receiving the sample kit, let alone the results. These complications prevent water systems from even starting a consumer request program, let alone executing it effectively – at a time when customers deserve more than ever to understand what’s in their water.

The Solution

These programs don’t have to be pricey or time-consuming, and they can be a streamlined experience for both the system and the customer. By digitizing and automating the entire process, systems can drive kit costs down, decrease the turnaround time for fulfillment and testing, and communicate effectively and quickly when results are in.

Capture customer requests.

Web form and other collection methods allow your customers to request a Water Audit℠ test kit right from their home.

Automate kit delivery.

120Water’s consumer-friendly Water Audit℠ kit automatically ships directly to your customers’ doorstep with instructions and a prepaid shipping label in the box to ensure the sample is filled correctly & shipped for testing with no friction.

Trigger customer results.

Our platform triggers emails and test result letters within 24 hours to provide the optimal consumer experience, while allowing you to meet any mandated communication standards.

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority was able to reduce their customer request fulfillment from 4 months to 14 days. Facing skyrocketing customer requests, sent and tested more than 4,000 kits in an average of two weeks, implementing 24 hour customer notifications. They saved 80% of their cost on sample kits, and ultimately saved their team 14,000 hours of work by automating the process.

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority

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