From lead to arsenic, test for any contaminant.

As a secure, digital solution, 120Water can be rapidly implemented & repeated for any program. It can also support any contaminant, including lead, arsenic, PFAS and Legionella.

The Problem

Lead is the most well-known contaminant and top-of-mind for the public and water systems alike. However, other contaminants are rising to the forefront of the public eye. Arsenic, legionella, and PFAS can all negatively impact public health – but there’s less information and programmatic best practices to help systems and facilities deal with these issues.

The Solution

120Water’s flexible solution handles ongoing management of safe drinking water programs for any contaminant. Water testing kits, software,  and services keep you at the forefront of understanding these threats and ensure you’re on the leading edge of testing and monitoring for new contaminants that can impact public health.

Test and monitor any contaminant

Sampling data related to any contaminant is securely available at anytime, from anywhere to key stakeholders to help monitor your program status. Pre-built dashboards make it easy to see issues and take action accordingly.

Lean on our expert insights

Our dedicated services team, including our Center of Excellence, is at the forefront of understanding emerging contaminants, legislation surrounding them, and how you can test and monitor your water for their presence. 

Ready to learn more?

Schedule a 1:1 consultation with our team so we can learn more about your safe drinking water programs and discover how we can help ensure compliance with LCR revisions.