End-to-end support for your drinking water projects

120Water partners with Engineering firms in order to help them achieve success on critical infrastructure projects such as Lead Service Line Replacement.

The Problem

Under the new Lead and Copper Rule Revisions, engineering firms will be charged with doing more lead service line replacements than ever. This creates a critical need for program management and audit trails that scale beyond spreadsheets and legacy databases, which often frustrate end clients with their lack of efficiency and transparency.

The Solution

Engineering firms are and remain experts, but now with the support of best of breed solutions that make the job easier. With 120Water, gain critical efficiencies while tackling every aspect of a client’s program from start to finish, including inventory, communication, documentation & compliance, field sampling, and data management.

We can help

Engineering firms are being asked to do more than ever.

Finding ways to meet your client’s objectives amidst shifting regulations, increasing awareness of water quality issues, and fragmented data is increasingly difficult.

Evolving regulations

New legislation, such as the updated Lead and Copper Rule, puts increased pressure on Engineering Firms to ensure the safety of their client’s water and infrastructure. The increasing logistical strain creates a necessity for more modern solutions.

Lead service line replacements

Locating and replacement lead service lines can feel like expensive guesswork. 120Water helps Engineering firms take confident steps in creating their LSL inventories.

Accurate records

When working with clients, keeping accurate records is absolutely essential as projects are managed. A centralized audit trail of all the steps you’ve taken is key.

Fragmented data

Many systems–and Engineering firms–have data spread across numerous sources, both digital and physical. This siloed data makes it increasingly difficult to manage and report on water programs, showcasing the need for clear, centralized data.

Bring expert opinions and best of breed solutions from our Center of Excellence

The proposed LCR revisions mean that your firm is responsible for executing against the new rules for your clients. Partnering with 120Water ensures that you have all the necessary tools & expertise in your arsenal to get the job done, with our Center of Excellence and Services team delivering insights and best practices to help you succeed.

Create a competitive position in your bids with cloud-based solutions

Clients are looking for modern, scalable solutions when they bring on new partners. Be sure that you have systems in place to drive efficiency in all projects and give your team a competitive advantage. Our cloud-based software and automated kits allow you to be more efficient so you and your clients can succeed at scale.

Tackle (and track) all parts of a program from start to finish

From inventory to replacement, field sampling to data management, execute all aspects of a program efficiently and effectively from our Program Hub. And, most importantly – keep all data centralized so that you have an audit trail of everything you’ve done.

Mott MacDonald partnered with 120Water to help them streamline their build, design, and execution of drinking water programs. Using our software, they’ve been able to deliver winning bids and projects that get lead service lines out of the ground and ensure lead copper rule revision compliance. Plus, by automating low-value activities, their engineers have been able to focus on high-value billable hours.

Mott MacDonald

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