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120Water partners with Engineering firms to help them achieve success on critical infrastructure projects such as Lead Service Line Replacement.

We can help

Engineering firms are tackling more water quality projects than ever.

Finding ways to meet your client’s objectives amidst additional regulations, increasing awareness of water quality issues, and fragmented data is increasingly difficult.

Evolving regulations

The Lead and Copper Rule Revisions are requiring more of water systems, meaning your firm is responsible for executing against the new rules for your clients. The increasing strain creates a necessity for more modern solutions, and partnering with 120Water ensures that you have all the necessary tools & expertise in your arsenal, giving your firm a competitive advantage.

LSL Projects

Locating and replacing lead service lines can feel like expensive guesswork for both your team and your clients. The 120Water solution can support Engineering firms as they help their clients create LSL inventories and execute replacement programs, from predictive modeling and verifications to data management and post-replacement sampling. 

Centralize Data

Having a centralized location to house and organize data is key for your firm’s project management purposes, and your client’s reporting purposes. The 120Water platform is easy to use and offers out-of-the-box compliance, no more time wasted building custom solutions.

Mott MacDonald partnered with 120Water to help them streamline their build, design, and execution of drinking water programs. Using our software, they’ve been able to deliver winning bids and projects that get lead service lines out of the ground and ensure lead copper rule revision compliance. Plus, by automating low-value activities, their engineers have been able to focus on high-value billable hours.

Mott MacDonald

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