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Lead testing in facilities such as daycares and schools is a hot-button issue today, with children being among the most susceptible population to contaminants in water. 120Water simplifies the entire program and sample management lifecycle.

The Problem

Many facilities serve populations that can be especially vulnerable to lead in water. Sampling every fixture at a facility can be a logistical maze, with risk of important steps slipping through the cracks. Facility Managers are tasked with executing water quality programs on top of their other duties, and often don’t have the full expertise and knowledge to apply best practices.

The Solution

Centralize all program data to view data at every level, from a network of facilities down to specific fixtures, in one easy-to-use platform. Use purpose-built lead sample kits that save resources, consult with a services team that can advise on program best practices, and communicate the status of your program easily with all stakeholders.

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Simplify your sampling needs.

120Water simplifies every aspect of the sampling and communication processes to ensure that the program is run efficiently and successfully.

Streamline logistics

Getting every fixture tested, especially if multiple buildings are involved, is an extremely time-consuming and difficult process. 120Water simplified the logistics to streamline the process for your team.

Achieve compliance standards

State or city-specific standards often dictate a certain level of testing or remediation in facilities, especially if they serve vulnerable populations (such as daycares).

Lean on experts

Many facilities who are testing water are doing this for the first time because of a mandate or because they’ve chosen to voluntarily – and often, you may not know where to start. Our experts have done this before and we’re ready to guide your process.

Combat costs

Sampling kits can cost facilities an incredible amount, especially as they add up across multiple fixtures – not to mention the cost in time of your team members handling all the logistics. 120Water’s software and kits save those costs for your team.

Test & remediate fixtures with standardized kits

Sample plans can require complicated testing and remediation processes that add strain to your resources. 120Water is purpose-built to be your one-stop-shop for your program’s needs, with kits, services, and software combining to take the burden off your shoulders. Our services team has a proven track record of successful facility programs  and can advise on the most effective strategies.

Verify the safety of your drinking water

Our Trusted Tap service is a low-risk, cost-effective way to test your drinking water. Kits will be automatically sent to you so that you can test any public-facing fixtures, and we’ll send a verified Trusted Tap sticker providing options for visitors to learn exactly when the tap was tested. Provide peace of mind for visitors and staff with your commitment to transparency.

Use centralized dashboards to prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks

Field workers are testing fixtures in various locations, and manual processes mean things can fall through the cracks. Our solution empowers your team to input and compile data from multiple sources, with a central dashboard providing clear next steps & a record of the work you’ve completed. Our mobile-compatible software allows field workers to enter data on-the-go as they sample fixtures around a facility

Meet the public’s demand for information with the Public Transparency Dashboard

Facilities often serve vulnerable populations, and stakeholders want to know what’s in the drinking water. 120Water can automate communications to ensure that all necessary people are always in the loop. From triggering backpack letters for parents to publishing results on a Public Transparency Dashboard, our solution creates transparency

Peter Smith did not hesitate to participate in the lead testing in schools program sponsored by the Indiana Finance Authority. Knowing that each facility is providing safe drinking water to all students is a priority for the Fort Wayne school district. “Taking action on test results was important. We wanted the process to be as transparent as possible,” Peter said.

Fort Wayne Community Schools

Peter Smith, Manager Maintenance & Operations

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