Focus on protecting public health.

Launching and maintaining water quality programs in your city or state can have a huge impact on resources while creating an endless maze of logistics. 120Water enables you to focus on the important job of providing safe drinking water within your population.

The Problem

Government Agencies have an enormous job at hand but running water programs is often a logistical maze, where any mishap could mean putting constituents in danger, failing compliance standards, and even a PR crisis. Now more than ever, governments must find scalable solutions that protect public health.

The Solution

120Water’s modern software ensures success and repeatability in water programs, while allowing governments to extend their resources through modern software and sampling methods. Our solution can help governments achieve at any level, and always ensure that they’re communicating those successes effectively.

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Keeping your community safe is the top priority.

120Water helps government agencies protect public health and achieve ongoing compliance. Our solution manages the tedious, manual data work and processes so that you can focus on public safety.

Protect public health

Your constituents deserve clean water. Water quality is a hot-button issue–and government agencies need to get out ahead and be at the forefront of confronting it head-on.

Create success at any scale

Whether it’s a city or state-wide program, you need a system in place that can handle the logistical maze of water quality projects–at any level.

Protect vulnerable populations

Lead testing in schools and daycares is key to protecting vulnerable populations. Funding opportunities such as the WIIN act are available to assist with these programs.

Achieve ongoing compliance

By ensuring your program is configured correctly from the get-go and leveraging our experts such as our Center of Excellence, we ensure you are set up for long-term success.

Get the right message to the right people

You don’t want to be front-page news because of a water quality issue. Our software and communication modules ensure that you’re getting the right message out to the right people, and maintaining transparency throughout your program.

Scale your water programs with cloud-based software

Executing large-scale programs is logistically difficult and can be costly. Our software and kit automation enables scalability, ensuring you can apply your playbook smoothly at any level. For example, many government agencies work with us to execute the school sampling programs they are tasked with executing via WIIN Funding.

Use a flexible solution to confront emerging threats

New contaminants are at the forefront of emerging water quality threats – and you need to be ready to respond. From lead, to arsenic, to Legionella, our flexible, cloud-based solution can be applied to any emerging contaminant to keep you ahead of potential new dangers.

Avoid a PR crisis

Drinking water quality has never been under such a microscope – and no one wants to be the next Flint. Our solution allows you to communicate before, during, and after your programs to make sure the right messages are going to the right people. Use our consumer notifications or Public Transparency Dashboard to build trust within your community or population.

Verify the safety of your drinking water

Our Trusted Tap service is a low-risk, cost-effective way to test drinking water of facilities. Kits will be automatically sent so that teams can test any public-facing fixtures, and we’ll send a verified Trusted Tap sticker providing options for visitors to learn exactly when the tap was tested. Provide peace of mind for visitors and staff with your commitment to transparency.

The Indiana Finance Authority and Indiana Department of Environmental Management partnered with 120Water to develop a uniform testing method across all public schools in Indiana. They were able to sample more than 900 schools, collecting 57,000 samples in total using 120Water’s cloud-based platform.

Indiana Finance Authority

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