Tackle an age-old problem with purpose-built solutions.

120Water’s platform is purpose-built to manage the complex workflows of age-old infrastructure problems such as Lead & Service Line replacement.

The Problem

Aging infrastructure can cause dangerous contaminants to seep into drinking water as it’s delivered to customers. Piping such as Lead Service Lines is difficult to locate, and attempting to create an inventory can often lead to a costly guessing game as utilities execute expensive digs based on incomplete data.

The Solution

120Water’s platform creates a better process, from start to finish. Cutting-edge software, automated kits, and professional services make it easy to launch and complete LSLR programs while keeping residents full in-the-know and safe throughout replacement.

Manage the full lifecycle of infrastructure replacement

Replacing lead pipes is a multi-step process requiring detailed planning and management. Our solution automates this process so that you can focus on the important work at hand.

Prepare now for future requirements

The proposed revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule would require all water systems to create a Lead Service Line inventory & replacement plan. Accurate inventories and swift replacements are absolutely essential to get lead out of public water.

Model your program after national leaders

Cities such as Denver and Newark are working hard to address this issue, following best practices of sampling frequently and replacing all LSLs across the city to protect the health of their residents. Easily model your program based on best practices.

How 120Water solves infrastructure challenges.

Find the Source of Lead

120Water™’s software-enabled approach helps you identify and predict where lead exists ahead of the new, sweeping LCR requirements.

Automate Pre-and Post-Dig Sample Kits

Diligent sampling is at the core of many infrastructure projects. Use our automated sample kits to get testing done efficiently and correctly before and after lead service replacement.

Keep Consumers Safe

Automate the process of sending Pitcher/Filter kits to all residents during an infrastructure project to protect them in the here and now.

Trigger the Right Communications to the Right Person

Ensure that all stakeholders are in the know every step of the way as you find and replace aging infrastructure. Automate the sending of opt-in, result letters, and more.

Ready to learn more?

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