A national network of labs guaranteeing seamless testing and fast turnaround.

120Water’s Lab Partner Network consists of carefully vetted, high-quality environmental and biological labs, integrating with our Digital Water Platform to deliver all the capabilities and capacity your program needs.

Complete coverage, wherever you are

Our trusted Lab Partners span the entire United States, with multiple locations available to guarantee quick turnaround times for your program.

Trusted partners and proven processes

We handpick our laboratory partners after a careful vetting process designed to ensure we’re delivering the best possible experiences for our clients. We’ve been working with these partners for years to refine our processes, and we have the results to show for it. 

Seamless integration with our Digital Water Platform

All of our Lab Partners are completely implemented on the 120Water Digital Water Platform, providing centralized tracking and immediate visibility of results in your 120Water platform account.

Simplified program management

With 120Water’s lab partnerships, you don’t have to worry about managing relationships or multiple invoices. Get all the advantages of a high-quality lab partner while still working through one point of contact from our team.

Want to learn more?

To see how 120Water and our trusted partners can help you stay compliant, schedule a consultation with a member of our team.