Simplify and scale your LCR events.

Spend more time protecting public health while 120Water simplifies data, workflows, and takes care of the heavy lifting. We want to assist you in managing lead and copper rule as well as LCRR!

The Problem

LCR compliance programs take up an incredible amount of resources, and operating inefficiently can take you away from other important tasks. In addition, changing regulations are only making rules more stringent, and systems aren’t equipped to handle new requirements with outdated kit delivery methods, siloed data, and ineffective communication.

The Solution

Maintain LCR compliance by automating kits, centralizing data, and using new tools for effective communication. Free up resources by easily sending and tracking kits through the 120Water platform, and gain insights and action items through our centralized dashboards. Communicate with relevant stakeholders immediately to remain compliant. 

Centralize data management for LCRR

Data management is at the core of simplifying your LCR event, and siloed data is a huge blocker for executing effectively. Our software allows you to streamline all necessary data components (customer information, service line, water quality, etc.) to give you a 360 degree, real-time picture of your compliance needs.

Simplify LCR testing kits

LCR testing can eat up valuable time and resources between kit delivery, pickup, and processing. Our consumer kit system automates that process, freeing your team to focus on the task of protecting public health. Our real-time data tracking lets you know where you are every step of the way – no more driving necessary. 

Communicate effectively

We know that communication is the main cause of thousands of compliance violations – and requirements are only getting more stringent. Automate customer communication and use our Public Transparency Dashboard to ensure you’re keeping up with increasingly difficult standards. 

Stay ahead of compliance and the LCRR

Between ever-evolving rules and regulations and numerous stakeholders, compliance can be challenging to achieve. Our solution is built for water systems of all sizes to ensure they’re meeting requirements now and into the future. 

The City of Loveland used 120Water to handle all logistics for LCR sampling kits & customer communication. The dedicated services team alongside kits and software took the guesswork out of LCR requirements, and the team met all testing standards through the automated program. 

Loveland, CO

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