Simplify the daunting task of testing multiple fixtures.

Maintaining sample data from every faucet and fountain is tedious work. Centralize and report lead water testing program data with efficiency and ease.

The Problem

Many facilities serve populations that can be especially vulnerable to lead in water. Sampling every fixture at a facility can be a logistical maze, with risk of important steps slipping through the cracks. Facility Managers are tasked with executing lead programs on top of their other duties, and often don’t have the full expertise and knowledge to apply best practices.

The Solution

Centralize all program data to view data at every level, from a network of facilities down to specific fixtures, in one easy-to-use platform. Use purpose-built lead sample kits that save resources, consult with a services team that can advise on program best practices, and communicate the status of your program easily with all stakeholders.

Centralize your lead water testing data.

Combine school data, facility survey data, fixture data, sampling data and results data in one easy-to-use solution.

Execute & report on your program.

Our field management features plus purpose-built lead sample kits allow you to cost-effectively execute lead sampling programs. Easily download reports to share with state and district stakeholders, or use our Public Transparency Dashboard to display results. 

Efficiently remediate taps

If a tap comes back showing an exceedance, our team will work with you directly to ensure you understand the necessary next steps to remediate that tap, test it again, and get it back in use.

Peter Smith did not hesitate to participate in the lead testing in schools program sponsored by the Indiana Finance Authority. Knowing that each facility is providing safe drinking water to all students is a priority for the Fort Wayne school district. “Taking action on test results was important. We wanted the process to be as transparent as possible,” Peter said.

Fort Wayne Community Schools

Peter Smith, Manager Maintenance & Operations

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