Lead Service Line Probability Finder

Create your LSL Inventory with our water management software

Accurately predict service line materials using data science and predictive modeling to avoid unnecessary digging with 120Water water management software.

The Problem

Developing a complete inventory of both public and private side service lines within 3 years of final rule publication is overwhelming for many utilities. With limited existing records and other mounting priorities, many systems are looking for help to generate and complete their inventory in innovative and cost-effective ways.

The Solution

With 120Water’s Lead Service Line Probability Finder and water management software, agencies and water systems are able to leverage existing data to create and complete their inventories. Using advanced data science and machine learning, utilities can more cost-effectively generate inventories and plan for removal as well as other regulatory demands.

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Water Management Software

We help water systems across the country apply machine learning and data science to their Lead Service Line Inventory process, minimizing costly and time-consuming manual work such as excavating.

Develop your inventory quickly, effectively, and efficiently

120Water delivers a flexible, utility-friendly model that continues to improve over time and is customized to your specific requirements. Feel confident about achieving compliance and focus on keeping your community safe.

Dig with confidence

The Lead Service Line Probability Finder achieves consistently accurate predictions, allowing systems to target budgets with accuracy and better manage programs.

Maximize your resources

Our data scientists and team of program consultants help you systematically approach service line verifications and replacements where lead is most likely to be found.

The City of Loveland used 120Water to handle all logistics for LCR sampling kits & customer communication. The dedicated services team alongside kits and software took the guesswork out of LCR requirements, and the team met all testing standards through the automated program. 

Loveland, CO

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