Keep consumers safe with simple, rinse and repeat remediation.

We know managing a successful Pitcher Filter Program can be a logistical maze. The 120Water platform manages your program from start to finish, with clean and simple efficiency.

The Problem

A good Pitcher Filter program is key to preventing health issues and maintaining customer trust, but they can be a logistical nightmare. There are often roadblocks with customer data and inventory management — not to mention the time lag that often occurs in distribution. 

The Solution

120Water manages the entire process from start to finish, including working with your current vendor to handle the fulfillment of pitchers, housing your customer data, generating voucher codes, and providing real-time insights along the way. Gain peace of mind with an automated, repeatable process. 

Inventory management

Ordering and fulfilling inventory can be one of the most difficult parts of these programs. 120Water procures NSF 53 pitcher filters — or we’ll work with your current vendor to warehouse, pack, and ship the right pitcher filters for your program.

Ongoing program management

We know pitcher/filter programs are not one and done. With the 120Water platform, you’ll be provided insights along the way empowering your internal customer team to answer questions in real-time.

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