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Proposed LCR revisions mean that big changes are on the horizon for how water systems handle water testing. Are you prepared?

The Problem

Water Systems are under increasing pressure. Challenges from COVID-19, to Lead & Copper Rule revisions, to resource constraints are creating an enormous amount of strain on systems both large and small. 

The Solution

With 120Water, you can run, refine, and improve with your water programs…with less effort. Although it may seem like an impossible accomplishment, that’s the beauty of a turnkey platform. 

We’re here to help.

Staying compliant has never been harder.

With regulation changing, public water systems are increasingly being asked to do more to ensure the safety of their water–and to test, communicate, and report at levels they’ve never had to before.

Keep up with evolving regulations

New legislation, such as the updated Lead and Copper Rule, puts increased pressure on water systems to ensure and report on the safety of their water. The increasing logistical strain creates a necessity for modern, digital water solutions.

Eliminate fragmented data

Many systems have data spread across numerous sources, both digital and physical. This siloed data makes it increasingly difficult to manage and report on water programs–systems need clear, centralized data.

Streamline sampling logistics

Getting the samples needed for water programs never feels easy, between the communication, logistics of getting the kit to and from the resident, and working with the lab. There has to be a better way to streamline and automate the kit process–and that’s where 120Water comes in.

Meet communication standards

Customer communication is oftentimes already difficult due to incomplete data–and new LCR requirements such as the 24-hour notification period may make it feel almost impossible. Systems need the right data, technology, and processes in place to meet increasingly demanding communication standards.

Manage a growing logistical maze with easy-to-use cloud-based software

Changing regulations mean that staying compliant is getting more and more complicated. The new regulation will make water systems responsible for more sampling in more places. Our solution automates testing & communication to ensure you remain in compliance today and in the future.

Use automated communication to avoid the #1 cause of compliance failure

Communication is the top cause of the over 50,000 annual water compliance violations. The 120Water solution aggregates real-time lab and program data to automate communication and ensure you meet the new 24-hour requirement by instantly triggering notifications.

Eliminate endless data silos through our Program Hub

Many utilities are drowning in spreadsheets and struggling to scale. 120Water will help you compile your data and get a clear picture of next steps. Our Program Hub shows you at a glance all the data needed for a full understanding of your program’s status.

The City of Loveland used 120Water to handle all logistics for LCR sampling kits & customer communication. The dedicated services team alongside kits and software took the guesswork out of LCR requirements, and the team met all testing standards through the automated program. 

Loveland, CO

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