120Waters Unveils New Resident Engagement Solution and Esri Partnership

The proposed Lead and Copper Rule Revisions will require water utilities to access and use their data more than ever before, especially to engage with and educate customers.

The time has come for utilities to turn from a reactive data and communication strategy to a proactive one.

In order to best serve our customers who are working hard in their communities, often understaffed and under-resourced, 120Water is launching a new suite of customer engagement tools and announcing our partnership with Esri. Fill out the form to register for the product launch event.

December 8, 2021 | 1PM EST

Launch Event
December 8, 2021, 1pm EST

On Wednesday, December 8th, our CoFounder and CEO, Megan Glover, and Director of Product & Solutions, Rory Billing, will walk through 120Water’s latest product and service offerings including:

  • In depth Activity Tracking that allows you to track who, what, when, how, and why.
  • Ability to build a more robust view of the contacts for any location in your database.
  • Branded Resident Communications that includes sending letters, email, and text notifications
  • 120Water and Esri partner to bring speed and efficiency to lead service line inventory development.