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Lead the Way with 120Water™

Water professionals across the country rely on 120Water to streamline their most complex drinking and wastewater initiatives. Our platform is in use at over 180,000 locations and growing.

Public Water Systems

Stay fully compliant while doing more with less. Proposed LCR revisions mean that big changes are on the horizon for how water systems handle water testing. Are you equipped?


Focus on protecting public health. Launching and maintaining water quality programs in your city or state can have a huge impact on resources while creating an endless maze of logistics. 120Water enables you to focus on the important job of providing safe drinking water within your population.



Lead testing in facilities such as daycares and schools is a hot-button issue today, with children being among the most susceptible population to contaminants in water. 120Water simplifies the entire program and sample management lifecycle.


We offer end-to-end support for your critical infrastructure projects. 120Water helps engineering firms use modern solutions to achieve success for themselves and their clients.


Our at-home testing is designed to capture the most important and threatening primary and secondary contaminants related to your water supply and environmental concerns. Knowing your water starts here.

Supported Water Programs

Lead & Copper Rule

Simplify and scale your LCR events. Spend more time with your customers while 120Water’s solution simplified data, workflows, and takes care of the heavy lifting.

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LSL Inventory & Replacement

Map and manage your Lead Service Line program from start to finish. Manage successful LSL Inventory & Replacement programs with a solution that streamlines inventory data, work orders, and progress reporting.

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Lead Sampling in Facilities

Simplify the daunting task of testing multiple fixtures. Maintaining sample data from every faucet and fountain is tedious work – centralize and report program data with efficiency and ease.

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Consumer Requests

Streamline consumer request testing programs. Heightened awareness about water quality is driving unprecedented consumer anxiety. Create peace of mind and automate your consumer request programs.

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Pitcher/Filter Program

Keep consumers safe with simple, rinse and repeat remediation. We know managing successful Pitcher/Filter programs can be a logistical maze. The 120Water platform manages your program from start to finish, with clean and simple efficiency.

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Emerging Contaminants

Test for any contaminant. Sending water testing kits can be automated through 120Water, and our dedicated partner labs can test for a variety of contaminants.

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Water Safety

Digital water is the future of water safety. We’re proud to be at the forefront of providing modern solutions to the water industry. New software solutions can streamline programs and testing, as well as help systems, communicate the steps they’re taking to ensure safety.


It’s time to tackle the problem of old infrastructure by bringing in new solutions. 120Water’s platform allows clients to find and replace aging infrastructure more efficiently to protect the health of their communities.

Water Quality & Compliance

Rules are changing, and systems are under more pressure than ever to keep up. 120Water’s solution helps clients stay compliant and protect public health.

At-Home Water Testing

We’re proud to continue to provide peace of mind. More than ever, people are concerned about what might be in their drinking water. We are proud to continue to offer affordable at-home testing options for anyone who may be interested.

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