Statewide Water Program Management

Launching and maintaining water quality programs across an entire state requires data and process standardization that streamlines program execution and makes public transparency clear. Primacy agencies and loan officers rely on 120Water’s software, kits and services to execute and manage water quality programs at scale.

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Keeping your community safe is the top priority.

120Water helps state agencies protect public health and achieve ongoing compliance. Our solution manages the tedious, manual data work and processes so that you can focus on public safety.

Manage compliance and fund distribution

By ensuring your program is standardized correctly from the get-go and our solution will ensure you have the data needed to manage the oversight, execution and communication of your program.

Create success at any scale

Whether it’s a city or state-wide program, you need a system in place that can handle the complexity of water quality projects–at any level.

Build trust with transparency

Your constituents deserve clean water. Water quality is a hot-button issue–and government agencies need tools to collaborate and focus resources where they’re most needed.

Schools and daycare water quality programs

Lead testing in schools and daycares is key to protecting vulnerable populations. Having the software, sampling and remediation protocols in place in ways that support transparency is critical to program success.

120Water’s software is the foundation for hundreds of water quality programs across the country

Whether it’s lead, arsenic, legionella, or covid-19, our flexible, cloud-based solution can be configured to manage the water quality programs that are important to your state.

The Indiana Finance Authority and Indiana Department of Environmental Management partnered with 120Water to develop a uniform testing method across all public schools in Indiana. They were able to sample more than 900 schools, collecting 57,000 samples in total using 120Water’s cloud-based platform.

Indiana Finance Authority

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