Digital water is the future of water safety.

We’re at the forefront of providing modern solutions to the water industry in order to protect public health.

The Problem

Safe drinking water is under a microscope. More than ever, water professionals must deliver clean drinking water to their communities and report on their initiatives. Yet without modern, digital solutions, the task is nearly impossible to achieve.

The Solution

120Water is purpose-built for the water industry and makes it easy to streamline complex programs that keep the public healthy and — most importantly — informed of the steps taken to ensure their ongoing safety.


Keep dangerous contaminants out

Access to clean drinking water is one of the most pressing issues facing our nation. We built 120Water to help our clients tackle this issue and protect public health by keeping dangerous contaminants out of water.

Easily test & remediate

Ongoing testing and effective remediation is critical in order to provide clean drinking water. Our solution is purpose-built to execute testing & remediation programs as efficiently as possible, bringing modern technology to an industry that often struggles with aging systems and infrastructure.

How 120Water solves water safety issues.

Our mission is to improve water quality from source, to tap, to inbox by transforming how organizations manage their programs at scale. We work tirelessly to enable our customers to protect public health every single day.

Lead & Copper Rule

We help clients achieve LCR compliance and ensure that the appropriate testing and remediation is done to keep water lead and copper free.

LSL Inventory & Replacement

Replacing lead service lines is one of the most daunting yet necessary tasks to ensure safe water. We provide modern solutions to help clients locate and replace their aging infrastructure.

Lead Sampling in Facilities

Facilities such as schools, daycares, and hospitals often serve populations that are extremely vulnerable to lead and other contaminants. We help facilities test and remediate fixtures to ensure the communities they serve are kept safe.

Consumer Requests

If a consumer wants to know what’s in their water, we want to help clients make sure they can. Our consumer request programs help automate the kit sampling process and ensure peace of mind for customers.

Pitcher/Filter Programs

Keeping customers safe in the here and now is always the most important priority – Pitcher/Filters are an often necessary and effective temporary remediation tactic. We can automate the process of fulfilling those pitchers and replacement filters to ensure communities are drinking safely.

Emerging Contaminants

Our team is prepared to confront any new threat to public health in drinking water, and our purpose-built solution can be flexible to fit any other water quality program.

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