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The Lead and Copper Rule Revisions are asking utilities to manage more than they ever have before. Are you prepared to tackle the new requirements?

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Staying compliant has never been harder.

With new regulations, public water systems are increasingly being asked to do more to ensure the safety of their water–and to test, communicate, and report at levels they’ve never had to before.

Keep up with evolving regulations

New legislation, such as the updated Lead and Copper Rule, puts increased pressure on water systems to monitor and report on the safety of their water. The increasing operational and logistical strain creates a necessity for modern, digital water solutions. 120Water is the comprehensive compliance partner for water systems of any size. 

Centralize Data and Reporting

Many systems have data spread across numerous sources, both digital and physical. This siloed data makes it difficult to manage and report on water programs. 120Water can help you centralize all your data into one place and integrate with other existing tools, making it simpler to manage your programs and report to necessary stakeholders. 

Streamline sampling logistics

Getting samples needed for water programs is never easy, between customer communication, logistics of getting the kit to and from the resident, and working with the lab. And it’s only going to get more difficult with updated sampling expectations under LCRR. 120Water’s sampling solution saves utilities time and resources, and makes the sampling process a breeze. 

Simplify communication requirements

Customer communication is often difficult due to incomplete data–and new LCRR requirements may make it feel almost impossible. The 120Water communications solution allows utilities to streamline data and promptly and efficiently communicate with their customers, even when trying to hit 24-hour notification requirements. 

“Del-Co had a mountainous amount of unstructured data content identifying service line material. 120Water took that content and extracted the required data into a structured format we could use to comply with the EPA mandate. They transformed what would have been a lengthy manual process by Del-Co staff into a swift and painless one. They quite literally took our mountain and made it into a molehill.”


-Kris Dye
Chief Business Officer

Delaware County, OH

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